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What is the shelf life of JOI plant bases?Updated 5 months ago

Each of our flavors have a different shelf life, depending on the ingredients. Because we use whole, all natural (and typically, just one) ingredient, we rely on the self-preserving properties each one offers - without the use of added preservatives.

  • Almond Bases (conventional and organic): 18 months*
  • Hemp Bases (organic): 18 months*
  • Cashew Bases (conventional and organic): 12 months*
  • Oat Milk Powder: 12 months*
  • Oat Milk Coffee Creamer: 12 months*
  • Coconut Cream Concentrate : 12 months*
    Please check the expiration date on your item for the most accurate Use By date. These dates apply, even after opening. Just make sure the container is properly sealed and stored in a cool dark place, and avoid direct sunlight and any moisture within the container.

*From production date

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