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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a blender to make JOI Oat Milk?

Oat milk made with our Oat Milk Powder can be prepared in several ways. We suggest using either a blender, whisk or electric hand whisk for the smoothest milk. However, you can also opt for a countertop frother, Blender Bottle (with the whisk) or eve

What is the shelf life of plant milks made with JOI?

Once blended with water, all our products will keep in the refrigerator for seven (7) days. We recommend using an airtight container like our pitchers or mason jars.Please note that prolonged blending (in excess of 30 seconds) may shorten the shelf l

Does JOI need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration is not necessary - all of JOI's products are shelf stable, and can be stored in your pantry (please check the expiration date for Use By dates). However, storing them in your refrigerator can help to extend shelf life, and keeps the pro

What is the shelf life of JOI plant bases?

Each of our flavors have a different shelf life, depending on the ingredients. Because we use whole, all natural (and typically, just one) ingredient, we rely on the self-preserving properties each one offers - without the use of added preservatives.

What is the shelf life of the JOI Oat Milk Powder?

JOI Oat Milk Powder has a shelf life of nine (9) months from the date of production. Please refer to the expiration date on your product for exact Best By dates.