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Frequently Asked Questions

Does JOI Oat Milk Powder separate?

Yes - because our products (including the Oat Milk Powder) are made with 100% natural and whole ingredients, and do not contain binders, gums or additives, the resulting blended milks will separate after some time. Just give it a good shake and you'r

Is milk made with JOI high in calcium?

Out of all plant-based foods, almonds are one of the best sources of calcium. However, a serving of JOI only makes up 5% of your daily intake. Feel free to add natural calcium supplements such as leafy greens and seeds to increase your calcium intake

My JOI plant milk has separated! What do I do?

Don't worry, separation is perfectly normal! Our bases are made from whole, natural ingredients, and we purposely don’t add any additives or emulsifiers (like gums and lecithins) to hold everything together. The separation is caused by the difference

Why is there oil in my tub of JOI?

That would be the natural oil released from the nuts (either the almonds, cashews and/or hazelnuts). Our bases are made from whole, natural ingredients, and we purposely don’t add any additives or emulsifiers (like gums and lecithins) to hold everyth

Are your Organic Almonds sourced from bee friendly farms?

Yes! We're proud to announce that our Organic Almond partner is not only a 2nd generation family-owned farm but they are also the first ever recipient of the prestigious Bee Better Certification for sustainable, bee-friendly farming practices.

Is JOI certified organic?

We offer both conventional and certified organic versions of our Almond and Cashew Bases. Our Oat Milk Powder is also certified organic.

Are your almonds sprouted?

We steam pasteurize all our nuts, so they do go through a soaking process, and the almonds are blanched at the same time to remove the skins for easier digestion and to improve nutrient absorption. They are not sprouted, but by removing the skins we

Does JOI use blanched almonds?

Yes! Both our organic and conventional Almond Bases are composed of 100% blanched almonds. This process not only removes the skin of the almond with steamed water, but is also a pasteurization technique, thereby ensuring a safe product.

Is there cross-contamination between your products and any other nuts?

Our products are processed in a facility that also processes dairy, eggs, tree nuts and wheat. However, between each production run, we go through an extensive cleaning and sanitization process to ensure that there is no cross contamination. If the a

How are JOI Bases different to nut butters that I can buy in the store?

Typical nut butters are roasted and milled differently to create specific flavor and texture profiles. The JOI process is designed to create a smooth, versatile plant base that is as true to its roots as possible, keeping the integrity of its only in

What's the nutritional content of JOI products?

Benefit from all the glorious nutrients our whole food plant bases have to offer! The following are the nutrition facts for each of our flavors (small tub and pouch sizes):

What ingredients are in JOI?

JOI literally stands for Just One Ingredient, which means all our plant bases are made with minimal, whole, natural ingredients. Here are the ingredients for each of our flavors:Almond Base: 100% Blanched California almondsOrganic Almond Base: 100% O

Are your cashews ethically sourced and/or Fair Trade?

Our cashews are sourced from suppliers that are SMETA Certified. SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a social audit that determines the working conditions at a supplier site. An auditor physically attends the site to assess the conditions on

Where do you source your oats from?

Our oats are sourced from within the United States and Canada.

Are your oats glyphosate free?

Yes - we do not accept oats from suppliers who use glyphosate or sell oats with a detectable amount.

Are your oats certified gluten free? Is it safe for those with celiac disease?

Yes! Our oats are gluten free, however they are not certified gluten-free. This means that they are less than 20 parts per million (ppm), which is the scientifically determined level of gluten that has been shown to be tolerated by those with celiac

Is your Oat Milk Powder processed in a nut-free facility?

No - our facility does handle nuts, but our Oat Milk Powder is stored and packaged in nut-free areas.

Are your oats certified organic?

Yes! The oats used in our Oat Milk Powder are certified organic.

What’s the difference between JOI's Oat Milk Powder and regular oat flour?

Our Oat Milk Powder differs from regular oat flour because of the enzymatic process that it endures in production, therefore does not get gummy and (like oatmeal!) when mixed with water and enhances the natural sweetness of the oats.

Does JOI Oat Milk foam?

For a creamier, frothier oat milk, we would recommend using two tablespoons of JOI Oat Milk Powder for every one cup (8 oz) of water. As always, feel free to use more or less!

Does your Oat Milk Powder have added sugar?

Nope! There is no added sugar in JOI's Oat Milk Powder. The natural sweetness is created during the production process, which breaks down the starches in the oats.

How much milk will one package of Oat Milk Powder make?

If you follow our recommendation of two tablespoons of JOI Oat Milk Powder per one cup (8 oz) of water, then our small pouch makes one gallon of oat milk, and our larger pouch can make 4 gallons of oat milk! As always, feel free to use more or less w

Can I cook with JOI Oat Milk Powder?

Definitely! We recommend blending it into a milk first to help reduce grittiness when using it in cooking and baking recipes.

Does JOI Oat Milk Powder get gummy?

No - our Oat Milk Powder differs from regular oat flour because of the enzymatic process that it endures in production, and therefore does not get gummy (like oatmeal!) when mixed with water.

What is your packaging made of?

Our small, 15 oz tubs are made of a #5 polypropylene BPA-free plastic container. This is a strong, lightweight vessel with high heat resistance, and acts as a barrier to moisture. The container will not warp in the microwave or dishwasher so it can b

Can I recycle the JOI Oat Milk Powder packaging?

Our powder products are packaged in pouches made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, which is made from the items that consumers recycle every day, like aluminum, cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bottles. Utilizing PCR allows us to reduce

How is your oat powder made?

The oats go through an enzymatic process which breaks down the complex carbohydrates in the oats, which is then spray dried to turn it into a powder. It’s an incredible process that keeps the product natural while making it delicious!

Can I add JOI Oat Milk Powder directly into my coffee/drink?

Yes, but we highly recommend using a hand whisk with water to achieve the best results.

Can I eat JOI Oat Milk Powder?

Yes, you can eat any JOI base and milk powder straight from the container. The milk powder just might taste a bit gritty!

Where are your almonds sourced from?

All of our almonds are sourced from quality farmers in California.

What are the best ways to use JOI's Oat Milk Creamer?

Blend or whisk, 1 stick pack to 3 fl oz water for "creamer". Blend or whisk, 1 pack to 6 fl oz water for "sweet oat milk". Blend or whisk, 2 packs to 6 fl oz water for "barista" quality oat milk - best served when heated and frothed. 1 stick pack dir

Is your oat milk creamer vegan?

Yes! All of the ingredients used in our oat milk coffee creamer are vegan. This includes the cane sugar we use. No animal by-products are used in the manufacturing of our products.